A Manual of Acupuncture

A Manual of Acupuncture

By The Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications Ltd.

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A Manual of Acupuncture – The Definitive App for Students & Practitioners This is the latest mobile app (iPhone/iPad) version of the foremost points textbook in the Western world - A Manual of Acupuncture by Peter Deadman & Mazin Al-Khafaji, with Kevin Baker. We hope you will enjoy the following features, available in the app and on our website after sign-up. Please note, listed below are the full ‘Pro’ membership features (available as an in-app purchase). 'Standard' level also available - full details of features for each level inside the app. If you decide not to upgrade, you will have full 'Pro' access to everything for up to 7 days, followed by full access to the Lung channel and samples of other material. • Complete re-build of our old app from the ground up. • Every channel point and extraordinary point from A Manual of Acupuncture textbook, including extensive point commentary sections. • English and Chinese point names, point category, location, location notes, detailed illustration, needling instructions and cautions, actions, clinical application and combinations. • Each point includes Chinese tones, printed Chinese characters and calligraphy as well as audio of the Chinese pronunciation. • Videos and commentary for every point showing location and needling technique. • Videos of Primary Channel pathways and important surface anatomy. • Illustrations for all primary, luo-connecting, divergent and sinew channels, the eight extraordinary vessels and the body area illustrations. • All the main point categories (e.g. five shu points, xi-cleft points, back-shu points) for easy revision. • Create your own point groups which you can use to tailor study and reference. • Self-testing module to aid learning of points and point categories as well as self-created point groups. • All points listed anywhere in the App are live links allowing easy browsing/reference. • Add your own notes to any points field (e.g. location, location note, needling, actions, indications), channel pathways, and more. • Sophisticated search function, allowing you to limit results to specific channels or fields within points (e.g. actions, indications etc.) • Indexes (Point Names, Combinations, Indications, General Index), Glossary, and Chinese Dynasties. • The 12 Cutaneous Regions and Areas Reached by the Channels. • Reference pages including: functions of the channels, about point categories, cun measurements, location and needling guidelines and much more. • Choose whether to download video/audio files for offline use (coming soon), or save space on your phone by streaming this material when needed. • Access your material via our Online Edition website at no extra cost with the same login details (Pro level only)

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