Black Hole : City War

Black Hole : City War

By sunshine network technology co., Ltd.

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Black Hole : City War Description

Super addictive free arcade game, multi-player battle, eat off opponents, survive the Jedi. Start a hole and develop through phagocytosis. The big hole swallowed a small hole and survival depends on the battle. Swallow up the pressure, swallow troubles, and swallow the whole city together! When you are big enough, you can swallow your opponent's black hole and become the leader of the black hole world. Play Black Hole io and swallow the entire city. What do you want to eat with a black hole: eat a car, eat passers-by, eat buildings, eat poles, eat signal lights, eat a house. Eat more, get bigger, eat more, grow faster. Eating more will increase the size of the black hole and increase the food consumption of the black hole. Come on, Black Hole io. Black Hole io gameplay: Touch anywhere on the screen and drag with your finger.  - Collect buildings, props and roads into black holes.  - Eat everything in the city.  - Be the biggest hole. Black Hole io game style:  - Easy to control game  - Leaderboard - Free games If you like Black Hole io games, please give us feedback. Privacy Policy:

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User Reviews

  • Boring

    By ndhrnrjfnhg
  • Worst game ever

    By lsunubhiggu
  • The one thing I don’t like about it

    By kitty kaddie
  • It’s fine but it times you

    By aluvpuppies
  • Not real people

    By Toby chew
  • It’s ok😑

    By TT1234567990-/:$
  • Not great. Too many ads. Not accurate game description

    By an9el
  • More times

    By Solracwins
  • Bad game

    By fhhchdhdjdjsifnxhgcj
  • rip off of hole io

    By 725BOIIII