Tencent Lemon Cleaner (Lite)

Tencent Lemon Cleaner (Lite)

By Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited

Tencent Lemon Cleaner (Lite) Description

Tencent Lemon Cleaner (Lite) is an app that monitors your system and recommends data to purge. It is a cleaner software for Mac OS developed by Tencent Security team. It specializes in Mac cleaning and focuses on system cleanup, large file cleaning, duplicate file cleaning, and similar photo cleaning. Moreover, it has an option to add an icon on the menu bar which shows real-time network speed. ◆ Show real-time network speed on the menu bar The menu bar icon is a shortcut to launch Lemon and it shows your network speed ( both download & upload) in real-time. ◆ System cleanup If you find a disk or file system is full but do not know how to find out unwanted junks, try Lemon cleaner. With one click of the Scan button, you can dump gigabytes of built up caches, unused apps, mail attachments, and a whole lot more. Lemon writes cleansing rules for over 100 top Mac apps (including Sketch and XCode) one by one to make sure that all of the unneeded files can be located and removed. ◆ Large file cleaning You can find files larger than 50MB and lists them by file types and their size in one click. If the files are videos or images, enable preview mode to take a quick look at the content before ticking the checkbox. ◆ Duplicate file cleaning By comparing files and file folders, Lemon finds file copies and puts them in groups. It identifies duplicate by content instead of file names. Also, you can preview file content. It's efficient to keep your Mac clean. ◆ Similar photo cleaning If you sync iPhone photos with your Mac, you cannot miss this feature. People take 2 to 3 photos of the same thing and would like to choose the best, but in most case, all the photos are there and occupy your disk space. Lemon can find the photos and gather them in one group. You can preview and compare to remove the unwanted ones. Any problems or suggestions, join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2270176446528228/

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