Geneva Moon

Geneva Moon

By Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

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Geneva Moon Description

I've always liked wearing a lunar complication on my Apple Watch. There is something both visually delightful but yet also slightly geeky about it. But I was unable to find a complication that provided an astronomically accurate moon display...which just kinda bothered me. So I made Geneva Moon. Geneva Moon seeks to provide a highly accurate, visually pleasing indication of what the moon looks like right now, right where you are. My goal was to make it so that if you look down at your wrist and then up into the sky the images you see should match. It includes a robust set of complications for every watch face type.   Choose between either a visually rich 'actual ' appearance or a more simplified version, to fit your own personal style. The main display indicates the current azimuth and elevation of the moon along the horizon along with a visual indication of its phase and orientation. Rotate the Digital Crown to shift forward and backwards through time and see how the moon will shift (tap on the screen to reset to now) On Apple Watches equipped with a compass (Series 5) you can have Geneva Moon orient itself towards the actual moon to make it easier to locate the moon in the sky. Thank you for considering Geneva Moon, I hope you enjoy having the moon on your wrist as much I do. —Dave

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    By David Levine
  • Does what it says

    By SSV1212
  • Very impressive app

    By The emusifyer
  • Beautiful, but flawed

    By I_cycle
  • Just what I was looking for!

    By LicensedtorockLXI
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    By TheRealWillIAm4
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