Alarm clock apps for iOS

Alarm clock apps for iOS

Sometimes it is difficult to bring a good night sleep to an end. Waking up is hard, getting up in the morning is a challenge. Like most people you’ve mastered the art of hitting the snooze button in your sleep.

Sometimes it is difficult to bring a good night sleep to an end. Waking up is hard, getting up in the morning is a challenge. Like most people you’ve mastered the art of hitting the snooze button in your sleep. Waking up doesn’t need to be the hindrance to starting a good day.

If you’re hoping of getting up from bed earlier, so you can get to work on time or so you can go for your morning work-out. Then have to you switched to an OS enabled alarm clock apps. These apps offer a more powerful option that plays a soothing sound, provides more control and can wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle. With good iOS alarm clock apps you can wake up easier and at least happier.

To get you up and going in the morning, you need a more powerful alarm clock app. Here is a selection of the best alarm clock apps available for iPhone devices. All of these alarm clock apps work on the iPhone device with iOS 11 and allow you to get a good start to your morning.


Sleep Cycle is an iOS alarm clock app that both tracks your sleep and wakes you up in the morning. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock monitors your sleep all through the night. This enables the app to do more than a traditional alarm clock. It actually wakes you up at the best possible time.

Sleep Cycle uses the phone’s microphone and accelerometer to track your sleep patterns and uses this data in combination with your phone alarm to gently wake you up in the morning. You can use the sleep data to see how you sleep and then improve on your sleep pattern. The app also works with the Hue lights to create a sunrise.

Sleep Cycle can be a little hard to please; you will need to try placing it in different position of your room to get the best results. You can position the iPhone near the bed or on the floor to start tracking and you will get a more satisfying wakeup in the morning.

Sleep Cycle works a little better for solo sleepers because pets and partners can confuse the app. If you like Sleep Cycle, there are other more advanced sleep trackers that you can also check out. Sleep Cycle alarm clock is also free in the App Store.


The Alarm Clock for Me app is designed and intended for the latest version of iOS phones. It has all the features you need in an alarm clock including the options for timers and more.

The Alarm Clock for Me app offers a variety of themes that allow you to choose the desired display of the app. You can also make your own playlist of songs or tones to wake up.

Unlike many other iPhone alarm clock apps, Alarm Clock for Me includes support for background alerts and notifications, so it will wake you up even if it is not running. That's a great relieve if you don't want to rely on a backup alarm. During the night you can shake the screen or double tap it to turn on a flashlight. You can shake to snooze when the alarm is going off or use the large buttons on the screen.

This alarm clock app enables you to see the weather information on your phone. With the app you have the knowledge of what it is like outside without living your bed or opening another app on your phone. This app also includes alarm timer as well. Alarm Clock for Me has a free version on the App Store and a $3.99 payment for the Pro Version.


If you are the type of person that wakes up to turn off the alarm and immediately go back to sleep, Alarmy may be the perfect alarm clock for you. Alarmy by majority of its users has been voted as the most annoying alarm clock app. It requires for you to complete a certain number of activities in order to turn off the morning alarm. It has a mode that requires you take a picture of certain part of your house to turn off the alarm. You can also choose from shaking your or be required to solve a math quiz before you can snooze off the alarm tone. If you really need to get out of bed, then try Alarmy alarm clock app.


The Rise Alarm Clock app centers on a beautiful wake-up experience. The app instead of the normal digital blare uses the sound of nature in the woods or you can choose from different Rise custom melody that let you start you day on a lighter mood. The alarm clock app also includes iTunes music access.

The app comes with multiple alarm options, but you do need to pay an in-app fee to get some feature. You can also choose to fall asleep with the SleepTunes.

Rise Alarm Clock is $1.99 in the App store with in-app purchases to open added features.

With Loud alarm clock it is very impossible for you to remain asleep. The Loud Alarm Clock app for iPhone will blast you out of your slumber with tremendous annoying and loud alarms. You can choose from any of fire alarm, nails on a chalkboard, emergency alerts, car alarms, a police siren or your iTunes music.

There is even an option to select that make it impossible to snooze the alarm with this loud alarm clock. Loud Alarm Clock is free in the App Store.


FreakyAlarm is only available for iPhone because it offers so many amazing features. FreakyAlarm has a persistent notification system with a large collection of annoying and effective alarms. There is also an option that requires you to provide a solution to a puzzle before you can turn off the alarm. And for the heavy sleepers, you can put on a FreakyAlarm that will require you to scan the barcodes of certain products before you can disable the alarm.

The FreakyAlarm app free and is available in the App store.


Alarm Clock Xtreme offers many of the same features as other alarm clock apps. It is one of the few apps that manage to design the features all really well. Alarm Clock Xtreme provides options to gently wake you up with an alarm tone that becomes increasingly louder. The app also has a math quiz feature for those who need a little brain teaser before they get out of bed.

The biggest strength and unique feature of Alarm Clock Xtreme is the snooze feature. It offers a choice of snooze techniques which includes an extra large snooze button, pressing the side button or by just shaking the device. And you can also set the app to decrease the duration of time between snooze taps, so you’ll be woken up more often.


The Wake Alarm Clock app comes with a lot of simple and easy to use amazing features. The Wake Alarm Clock app uses a simple interface that is easy to manage, and it provides more options to let you control how you wake up or how you snoozes your alarm in the morning.

The Wake Alarm Clock app offers three alarm snoozing options: If you hate waking early in the morning, you will appreciate the option to slap the screen to snooze the alarm, or to snooze the alarm by just turning the phone over and by shaking the iPhone until the alarm turns off. There's something pleasing about each of these three options.

The shake option needs you to shake the phone until you fill up a bar. This is a helpful way of making sure you actually get up and move a little. It is not likely that you will turn it off on this mode while you are half asleep. Wake Alarm Clock is free app in the iOS App Store and includes about twelve alarm tones.

Benefits of Wake Up Alarm Clock

Wake up alarm clock has several positive aspects. This is a helpful iTunes collection which provides the following advantages:

Easy To Use: the most important benefit of this app is that it is very simple and easy to use. It does not require high maintenance, anyone can easily use this app. All the features are very easy to manage and operate. It has also a fantastic user friendly interface. It is one of the most functional alarm clocks that come with the easy navigation system.

Adjustable Snooze Time: This app offers a fully adjustable snooze time. The users can adjust the snooze time according to their preference. If you want to activate the snooze time, you just need to simply touch the screen of the iPhone, or shake your iPhone to start the snooze time. The activation of snooze time will temporarily stop the alarm tone.

Wake up Ability: If you’re a mild sleeper, you may set the alarm clock volume in accordance with your levels and if you’re a heavy sleeper, then it is crucial for you set to it to serious sleeper volume to obtain instant alert.

Vibrate Mode: Vibrate mode is another special mode that is automatically activated when the user turned off the alarm tones.