Apps for Children in the Current Digital Age

Apps for Children in the Current Digital Age

Can you be sure your Child use the best apps? Yes..

In the current digital age, children are unavoidably an indispensable part of the entire advancement in technology. They are growing up surrounded by the internet and cutting-edge technology, and have access to smartphones, computers, and watch the TV on a daily basis. As a result, raising them brings up a lot of questions, and this requires serious attention by looking out for apps their children use. Monitoring children with regard to the apps they spend time with could be a daunting task for most parents despite realizing the importance of technology in helping to build the intelligence and smartness of the children. Regardless, there is a need to protect them.

While many parents are worried about their children spending a lot of time on their smartphones and tablets that their kids may develop anthropophobia, which may affect their integration properly into the society, with proper support and parental guidance, the children could be correctly oriented. Meanwhile, parents should know that as much as technology is developing fast, it has also made a provision for the helping children to learn quickly and improve their intelligence and skills with educational apps. Learning apps will help to make the kids engaged and have their minds developed in fun ways, get them prepared for school, and introduce them to how the technology works. The apps are created with the emotions and psychology of children in mind by including fun, color, music, fun characters, and much more to create an enabling learning environment for the kids, even when their parents do not have the time or energy to do so.

Things to Consider Before Installing Apps for Your Kids

Here are a few things to take into consideration before installing apps for your kids:

  1. Age and Knowledge Need

    It is expedient that parents choose apps based on the age of their kids and the skill or knowledge they want their children to gain to get the best out of technology through these apps. It would be a mismatch installing a mathematical app meant for 8 years old kids for a 2-year-old kid.

  2. Read Descriptions and Reviews

    Before installing any apps, read the description carefully and also the reviews left by other users as you will get first-hand information about the experience they had and the impact of the app on their children. This may determine your kid’s experience with the apps also.

  3. Check if the App is Free or Paid

    Some apps are free to install while some are premium requiring you to pay some money before having access to their full features.

Some Interesting Apps for Children

Here are some of the apps to help develop your kid and also have fun:

  1. Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby

    This game is free and is made for babies and toddlers under 5. It has several shapes with different songs to sing along to. It is very interesting and captivating to kids. The kids have to tap a shape to hear the name of the shape after which a song plays.

  2. Marble Math

    This paid app is designed for upper elementary students to learn mental mathematics. It is based on the Common Core Curriculum. Kids will provide answers to questions by moving chosen marble through fun mazes. It teaches children to be focused while solving problems.

  3. Endless Alphabet

    Endless Alphabet is designed for kids of 5 years and under. It is a paid app that creates fun while kids learn alphabets. When a word is chosen, the letters scatter and the kid has to bring them together with an effect as they are touched. There is a little animation after the completion of the alphabets to explain the meaning of the word.

  4. Toca Dance

    Toca Dance is a paid app designed for kids from age 4 to 8. The app allows kids to create a dance routine for a trio of dancers which is later performed on stage. The game is engaging and brings out the creativity of the kids to order dance procedures. It also has effects and everything will be recorded to allow the kids share the video with their friends.

  5. Dino Tim

    This game is free and is designed for kids from age 3 to 6 years old. It involves solving problems with colors and shapes. It also involves running, jumping, and little magic. Besides, the game is fully translated into many languages such as French, Italian, and Spanish among others, and this allows the child to learn a foreign language from a young age.

There are quite a lot of apps that are helpful to the development of children. The onus, therefore, is on the parents to search for apps that are beneficial to their children and are also safe for them. The advancement in technology should be used positively to improve the reasoning capacity of the children.